Disaster Management Application


Role: UX/UI Designer

Case Study

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can cause significant damage to communities and individuals. Effective disaster management requires quick and accurate information about the affected area and the resources available to respond. A mobile application that allows users to report and access information about disasters in real-time can help emergency responders and community members respond more effectively.

My Roles as UX/UI Designer

  • Work with product managers and designers to conduct user testing and research.
  • Conducted interviews with users and stakeholders.
  • Conducted discovery workshops with stakeholders.
  • Created a UI/UX strategy with the product manager and engineers.
  • Redesigned application from the ground up.
  • Created user flows. 
  • Created design system


The old application was lacking numerous functionalities like mission reporting, real-time map live view. It was without a centralized platform for reporting and accessing information about disasters in real-time. This results in delayed response times and confusion about the extent of the damage and available resources.


We developed a disaster management data-driven, SaaS-based platform that identifies and highlights health safety risks and threats to your business so you can take action. Application allowing users to report and access disaster information in real-time.
The application includes the following features:

  • live map view
  • target management
  • mission management
  • backoffice analyses
  • user management
  • device management
  • mission reports