Chain Supply Application


Role: UX/UI Designer

Case Study

Global manufacturing companies are facing challenges in managing and tracking their complex supply chain. With multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics providers involved, it is difficult to maintain visibility and control over the entire process. Additionally, the companies had to rely on multiple systems and manual processes to manage their supply chain, which led to errors and delays.

ParkourSCs digital supply chain operations platform that delivers extensible digital twins, predictive insight, operator dashboards, process automation, and cross-enterprise collaboration that enables organizations to harness the power of their ecosystem for increased resilience.


The goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface allowing users to easily manage their inventory and assets, track shipments, and communicate with suppliers and partners across the globe.

My Roles as UX/UI Designer

  • Work with product managers and UX designers to conduct user testing and research.
  • Conducted discovery workshops with the customer success team.
  • Redesigned desktop application from the ground up.
  • Designed mobile application
  • Created user flows. 
  • Created design system
  • Created prototypes

Process / Design

User research was conducted to understand the supply chain management team’s current pain points and needs and to gather feedback on the current process and identify areas for improvement.

I developed wireframes and mockups to visualize the proposed solution.

User testing was conducted to gather feedback on the design and usability of the application.

Key findings from our research included:

  • Difficulty tracking and managing inventory across multiple locations
  • Difficulty coordinating with suppliers and partners in different countries
  • Lack of visibility into the status of shipments and deliveries


The mobile and desktop application improved visibility and control over the entire supply chain process, allowing the company to easily track and manage suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics providers.

The application also reduced errors and delays by automating manual processes and providing real-time updates on the status of orders and shipments.

The companies reported an overall improvement in efficiency and productivity as a result of using the application.