Myths About Social Media


I am the generation that was born and grew up before the social media sharing and to be quite honest with you, for years I was against sharing, tweeting, Instagramming... However, then by accident, I found out that social media helped me to grow my business. I have got the right amount of clients through social media, found terrific connections. It only takes a little bit of time, effort and persistence.

Myth #1 Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work.

I was one of those people who would post whenever I remembered, couple monthly posts on Twitter, one or two images on Instagram per week, one monthly post on Facebook group... Then I was wondering and getting frustrated why is none following me, what I am doing wrong.

For your social media marketing to work, you need to be consistent and persistent. You have  to do it every single day. Right now you are probably thinking: “every single day, who has time for that.” Don’t worry, with a little bit of planning you will be a pro in social media marketing.

Myth #2 Social Media Marketing Takes Too Much Time.

 I prepare images months or weeks in advance.

I prepare images months or weeks in advance.

There's a plenty of free tools( Hootsuite, Buffer, Coschedule, Tailwindapp…) out there that you can use to schedule your social marketing posts to save time.  For Instagram and Pinterest I use Tailwindapp. It comes with free and paid options, and it can be used for posting on Facebook. Here’s how I do it:
At the beginning of each month  I create Instagram and Pinterest posts, then I upload all images into Tailwindapp, schedule time when to post, done and done. When it's time to post Tailwindapp will send you a reminder to post. It takes me two or three hours.


Myth #3 My Clients Aren’t on Social Media.

There are currently 1550 million Facebook users, 400 million Instagram users, and 316 million Twitter users.  Some of them might be your customer or ideal client.  

Myth #4 I Shouldn’t Get Personal on Social Media.

 I took this image on one of my daily walks

I took this image on one of my daily walks

Yes, you should, but in moderation. Getting personal on social media can form an emotional connection with your client. It also humanizes your brand. Show them that you are mother or father, show them what’s on your reading list, or image or two of fantastic dishes that you made.

I like to share my daily walks on Instagram stories. You can also use IG stories to share bits of advice, If you are a yoga teacher, you can use Instagram stories to teach new asana each day, or if you are the therapist, you can use Instagram stories for daily advice.

Show your human side, and your clients will connect with you. Clients hire the person they feel is the most real- the person they can trust.

Myth #5 Social Media is Only for Young People.

“According to research done by Pew Research Center, 56% of internet users over 65 now use Facebook, and 27% of Pinterest users are between the age of 50-64!”

As I mentioned it at the beginning of this post, I grew up way before social media. Most of my clients are middle-aged, that doesn’t mean they are not hanging out on social media.

Myth #6 A Social Media Community Can GROW Overnight.

Unless you have millions of dollars for an ad campaign, your social media community will not grow overnight. Rome wasn’t built overnight. As I mentioned in #1 and 2, it takes time, effort, and commitment to building social media followers. My advice is that you shouldn’t get disappointed, discouraged or give up if your social media doesn't grow overnight. #presist!

Myth #7 You Should be Active on Every Platform.


You don't have to be on every platform. Pick one, two, or three. There’s no need to spread yourself too thin. I like Instagram the best, for you might be Pinterest or Facebook. Find the platform that works best for you.

In conclusion:
Are you ready to rock social media, do you need help with it? Do you have anything to add when addressing these myths? Leave your comments in the box below.

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