Blackbird, Fly!

Twin-lens Reflex 35mm Plastic Camera

The Blackbird is beautiful new "toy" camera with modern styling, quality optics and old school sensibilities. Design from the ground up by Superheadz of Japan , the Blackbird uses 35mm film, 33mm plastic lens with focal adjustment. What's more — it is solid, well-built and feels good to handle and use. Other features include three masks for cropping the film. (normal (24 x 36), square (24 x 24) and over the edge (exposes over the film perforations), two exposure settings (F7/F11), two shutter speeds, a hot shoe for flash, and a tripod mount. Superheadz added a sports viewfinder on top for quick shots, but the real pleasure of the Blackbird is holding at your waist, looking down and taking your time to shoot. The Blackbird is available in all Black and black with either a white or orange front. Size: Blackbird 12 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
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